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Red Ace Records Dracula Undead
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Dracula Undead


Bram Stoker's Dracula has got to be the most famous novel ever written about vampires and "Dracula Undead - THE MUSICAL!" follows the plot so closely that readers who know the story will recognise many of the song lyrics, taken directly from the book.

The music, lyrics and libretto for the stage play are all written by The Red Ace, who started work on the project many years ago. Despite many delays the musical is now available.

Individual tracks

01. For the Dead Travel Fast
02. We have a Right
03. Children of the Night

05. Vampire Women
06. God Forgive me

08. Fool Talk
09. The Sky is Beautiful
10. Into the Storm
11. Taste of a Fly
12. True Friends
13. In a Dream
15. Sleep My Love
16. Firsty Work
17. I Hear the Waves
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Red Ace Records
  1. Dracula
    The Red Ace
  2. Sleep My Love
    The Red Ace
  3. Firsty Work
    The Red Ace
  4. I Hear The Waves
    The Red Ace
  5. For The Dead Travel Fast
    The Red Ace
  6. We Have A Right
    The Red Ace
  7. Children Of The Night
    The Red Ace
  8. Vampire Women
    The Red Ace
  9. God Forgive Me
    The Red Ace
  10. Fool Talk
    The Red Ace
  11. The Sky Is Beautiful
    The Red Ace
  12. Into The Storm
    The Red Ace
  13. Taste Of A Fly
    The Red Ace
  14. True Friends
    The Red Ace
  15. In A Dream
    The Red Ace

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