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Red Ace Records Jesus Will Judge You  (CD version)
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Jesus Will Judge You (CD version)

An album of Christian Songs.

01 What A Beautiful Day
02 Jennifer

03 One Day I'll See The Lord
04 Jesus Will Judge You
05 Let The Children Come To Me
06 Jesus Christ Is The Way
07 In Jesus
08 Let's Live
09 We Thank You Lord
10 The Summer rain
11 I Love The Christian Life
12 By The Grace Of Our God (original version)
13 By The Grace Of Our God (gospel version)
14 Keep Trying
15 Help Me Lord

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"Jesus will judge you" is the first of five albums I'’ve been recording at Big Noise Studios in Rochford over the last six years.
This album is a collection of songs and hymns with a Christian message, whereas the other four consist of two albums of ballads, one country and western and one rather ambitious musical.
I wrote most of the tunes on this album many years ago, but was never happy with the lyrics. It was only after I put Christian lyrics to “Let the Children Come to Me” and started to fit Christian lyrics to the other melodies that everything started to come together.
For instance I had originally written "Jesus will judge you" as "If I could change things", but was never happy with it.

On this album I am singing and playing basic acoustic guitar and on track number 6 very simple piano. All the other musicians and backing singers were introduced to me by Simon, who owns the studio and is a great pianist. He arranged all the violin parts and plays keyboards on the last track. All the others are very talented, giving a more professional finish to every track than I could have managed on my own.
The lead guitarist is Mark Brown and if you listen to his spectacular solo on the second track “Jennifer” you will understand why I asked him to compose and play short musical links between each track. I hope you will agree that he has done so beautifully.
When Simon told me that Amara and her sister Shanice sing in a gospel choir, I decided to try to "gospelise" my "By the grace of our God" hymn, speeding it up and adding two verses. They have completely transformed the song with their amazing vocals.

I would love to know what you think of the album and if you have a favourite track. If you don’t like it, a polite silence or simple lies will be quite adequate!
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